How Email Marketing Can Help Fill Your Bank Account

I wasn’t shocked the other day during a coaching call with one of my clients when she tells me, “you market your stuff way too much”.

I said, “what do you mean my stuff & too much?”

Rose (not her real name) replied, “I get emails from you several times per week with links to buy Training CDs & Courses; if not yours, then someone else’s.”

I asked, “so how does that make you feel?”

Rose said, “it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

I asked, “what exactly are you uncomfortable with”?

Rose replied, “I’m not sure, but I just don’t like it.”

I said, “ok, let me get this straight – my email marketing makes you feel uncomfortable? Are you sure that you don’t mean that my marketing to you, makes you feel uncomfortable about yourself?”

Rose replied, “I guess that’s what I mean.”

I then asked, “so why do you think that is?”

She replied, “I don’t know”.

I re-asked the question, “Rose, why are you uncomfortable about me sharing good products or services that you could learn and greatly benefit from?”

She said, “I don’t know, but I feel like I’m always being asked to buy something. It’s not just you, but everyone who has their own website and training information. Everyone is always selling something”

I said, “Rose, how much income did you earn last year from your home based business?”

She said, “not much.”

I asked, “how much is not much?”

She said, “about $500.”

I then asked, “and how many emails do you send to your opt-in list each week?”

She said, “I don’t have an opt-in list”

I then asked, “and how much valuable information did you provide last year to people who have said either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your business opportunity?”

She said, “probably none.”

I asked, “probably or definitely?”

She replied, “definitely”.

I then asked, “how many people subscribed to hear what you have to say or requested to take a look at your networking business last year?”

She said, “I don’t know. Not many.”

I said, “interesting Rose. Last year I made close to $200,000 on top of my primary six figure mlm income, because I invested about 20 hours, one time, setting up a set of messages, about 20 hours setting up a website and perhaps two or three hours each week constructing emails to my subscribers, offering them highly valuable information through email marketing.”

My wife and I took about 8 vacations, including 3 cruises, 2 weeks in Hawaii, Cancun, Mexico, Bahamas, Vegas, Florida, New York, California and a few other locations in between, staying in some of the nicest hotels in the world, eating in some of the best restaurants in the world, and still got paid whether we were traveling, or just spending time at home relaxing.”

I said, “for the most part, I give away a ton of free advice, training and information that if people applied to their businesses every day, would make them a fortune.”

Not only that, but by marketing training materials, I also retail to recruit because I also enroll customers into my primary mlm business on the back end, creating long term passive income and am now teaching those who understand the power of this philosophy, to do the exact same thing.

Is it possible (Rose), that you are uncomfortable with my marketing because you are not yet comfortable with yourself?

Rose asked, “What do you mean?”

I said, “Rose, you resist the offers and get offended because you are not yet comfortable enough with yourself to allow others to share great ideas and information with you without feeling guilty for not buying and investing in their products.”

Perhaps you feel you don’t deserve this type of information for fear that it may actually lead you to success.

You see, for most people, success really just contradicts their struggle. If they stopped struggling and became successful it would mark the end of an era and they would feel lost without the internal fight that they’ve become accustom to.

I then went on, “Rose, I can enter into just about anyone else’s world, no matter how inspiring, uninspiring, empowering or disempowering it may be. There can even be pressure, animosity or even confrontation, but I am not prone to any of it.

Even though I might empathize with what people feel, still, I don’t get wrapped up in their glory or chaos. Instead, I study them, their beliefs, how they got those beliefs and how they operate in their life and their businesses.

I find it fascinating to learn from others, whether it be what to do, or what not to do.

Even when I was broke, I was so open to hearing from the masters and studying them, that I began to see great results. It’s true that every master was once a disaster. You will be no different.

Investing in myself by reading and listening to as much as I possibly could from others who have come before me, and applying what I’ve learned daily, I’ve learned that when it comes to email marketing (or even direct mail marketing), that sending often isn’t bad, as long as the offers are good and that there is real value being presented.

When you read the best marketing courses available and look at how they were put together to make you buy, you will understand the whole psychology of marketing and how you can not only help others get everything that they want, but you can also get everything that you want.

When you look at the big picture, you must compare what you earn each year in your business to what the “gurus” earn in theirs. If you are only earning $500 per year, you cannot possibly be helping enough people yet or perhaps you are just not learning and applying what they teach.

If sending a couple or few emails per week, filled with value, delivered hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars into your bank account each year and allowed you to spend quality time at home with your family, travel or do what ever the heck you wanted with your life, wouldn’t it be worth it to you to learn how to do it, so that you could live the rest of your life on your own terms, and not someone else’s.”

If you think about it, most of us who have learned to market have learned from the masters who have come before us, many whom have learned from the masters who have come before them.

Then, we apply their teachings to our own business, be it mlm, direct sales or traditional.

In other words, we must all pick a mentor or mentors who have what we want and do what they are doing or have done.

All I know is that the more you resist being marketed to, the more you struggle.

I personally invest at least about 30 to 60 minutes every day or night studying, reading emails, ebooks, training courses and listening to cds by experts in this field, who send sometimes, 3, 4, even 5 emails per week to their lists, but who market constantly, because they know that for every exposure, their prospects get a little bit closer to making that critical buying decision.

As a result, I’ve learned how to construct a website, start a blog, grow a list, write powerful ad copy, build a successful mlm business and market my way to financial freedom.

Here’s the bottom line: Don’t Resent the Marketing if it’s coming from those who are willing to teach you how to succeed!

Perhaps you could FILL your bank account while learning how to use the power of emails, websites and attraction marketing like so many others already are.

There is enough business to go around, for everyone.

Promote others websites, training materials and courses.

Anyway, Rose & I finished up our coaching session and she went on to buy Mike Dillard’s entire library starting with Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget, MLM Traffic Formula and of course, subscribed to Black Belt Recruiting & the Inner Circle Newsletter.

Not only will she make more money up front once she applies what Mike and his team teaches, but on the back end as well. It’s simple if you follow the steps in order.

Just like I did and thousands of others are doing.

If it’s YOUR time, let’s go do this thing!

Until my next article…

Aaron Rashkin

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